This whole project started with me having several ideas. Actually I always have different ideas flying and flapping around in my mind. But I can have a hard time in disciplining myself to keep on investing enough time to actually pursue those ideas long enough or to connect them. By writing everything down on paper it forced me to take the time to read my own thoughts, questioning them and rephrase it. Giving me such a clear view of where I want to work towards to. And not only by writing, I also had to work on my speech. Learning to explain my thoughts, my goals, my whole plan, in an understandable way.

There I was… I knew with whom I wanted to work, where I wanted to go, in which subject I wanted to do research and in which areas I wanted to grow. But, what I did not realize was, that there was not yet any structure in how I was going to organize this big project. I needed guidance in building a framework, otherwise I would get lost. Luckily I have the help of Sharyon. Guiding me in how to work towards my goals, and directing my research into structure. He is doing this by questioning my plan. Asking me to write down my personal vision, mission and my key value as an artist. Having me thinking about the message that I want to share, and which tools I am going to use to spread this.

To make sure that I wont get lost in the indefinite but to become more explicit, we started building a framework which gives me an accurate overview. This tool can help me in my consistency, with the consequence that I am more clear in my communication.

One part of the framework was building this personal blog. Where I can share my story during this process. By writing these weekly posts, there are certain goals I can work towards to step by step:

  • At the end of the year I want to have a report of this project. So I can present this to the funding who are supporting me to make all of this possible. But I think it is only fair to share my process. So not only me, or the funding, but everybody who is interested is able to learn with me. To understand from whom I am learning (and in this way I can also give them their credit), what I am learning, and the experiences I am gaining during this valuable process. Thats the reason why I decided to divide this report into weekly documentations that I am sharing on this site.
  • I want to be able to better reflect on what I am learning. By writing about my process I will get a clearer insight.
  • I want to improve my English so I can represent myself better internationally.

It is just the beginning of this project and I am learning already so much. Grateful to learn methods to improve myself and to grow in knowledge. I am looking forward to what else is coming in the future.