This week I have been in Tilburg for 5 days, cause I was part of International Choreographers Week. I felt that this was a good addition to the research in my development as a choreographer. Being able to meet new choreographers, dancers, researchers from all over the world. Learning and sharing our vision together, but also participate in classes, interviews and lectures concerning dance in relation to our body.

I enjoy challenging myself by gaining new knowledge from which I can grow. Cause in the end, I am and enjoy the fact that I will always be a student of the arts. It was truly interesting to submerge myself in this educational environment this week. I have learned a lot, I still have to take the time to let it sink in.

One thing where I was again reminded of this week, and do not always do, is exposing myself to new surroundings in which I can learn. For example by participating in a specific class to push me out of my comfort zone in a totally new way. Where I do not only have to try new things but also deconstruct my way of moving, thinking and the way of connecting with both myself as to someone else. But also the power of attending lectures, interviewing people and exchanging thoughts with others who are involved in the arts.

Thank you dansbrabant, Tilburg Dansstad, Fontys and De Nieuwe Vorst for creating this informational space, teaching me new valuable lessons that I will bring along in my journey.

picture by Leighann Kowalsky