I would like to continue in my quest of acknowledging my mentors, and how they have contributed in my life. One month ago I wrote about how my mother has empowered me. The other person that came to mind as soon as I started to think about this topic, is my father. For this post I asked myself: how has his being been of great value in my life?

  • An interesting characteristic of my father is his stubbornness. Next to it being quite a pain in the ass sometimes, it also taught me a lot. Like how to be more patient and to learn to better accept someone’s authentic selves. But also to have, and the need for, an opinion and to think for yourself.
  • My father (coming from a continent where machismo plays its part) always shared his opinion about the equality between both man and woman. With this he also gave me the inspiration to stand on my own. Learning not to be depended on someone else, to work hard, to both represent and believe for what I want in life.

The philosophy that my father taught me is the value of integrity. I have seen him giving all his energy, fighting for what he stands for and thinks is truly necessary for the greater good. This taught me the importance of knowing what your values are, being loyal to them and to fight for it. It might not always be the easiest way, but I will keep reminding myself that it is the most honest and most worthwhile way. It’s a guideline for myself, for my art, to deal with my loved ones and with life.

Digging into my history gives me a better understanding of why I am the way that I am and how I can continue my road in life. Thank you papa, for contributing those beautiful lessons. With this I will keep building on my legacy.