Another week has passed, and I am already 4 months in this research. There are days where I am filled with inspiration and I just want the time to stop. Because I need every hour, every minute, and if possible also every second to continue my quest. I am just riding the wave of my (creative) workflow. But of course there are also those days where I feel drained, no energy, no inspiration, just not in the mood to work.

My approach to this last sentiment, is to be prepared and to accept whatever attitude decides to shows up that day (because I most certainly am not always able to control this aspect neither do I want that). Furthermore it’s to see how I can work within that frame of mind I find myself in that specific day.

I do not want the be stuck in a feeling of drowning in a see filled with options and not knowing what to do. Because this really does demotivate me to work. Especially on those days when I am not feeling it. Neither do I want to have a rushed feeling of possible overlooked tasks, because this only gives me more stress. So the best possible thing for me to do was to create a structure, an overview of things to do and what to prioritize. Which I update every day. So I can minimize the possibility for last-minute jobs and I do not have to think of what to do when I have ‘one of those days’. I can just execute whatever task is on the list.

This helps to work towards a goal, knowing that every step will take me closer to that point. Which is motivating. It also helps to not put to much pressure on myself with things I don’t want to do. Preferably I have an attitude of seeing what kind of task I feel attracted to that specific day and focus on that. And than I can just check off those boxes. Which make me feel like I accomplished something that day and stimulates the feeling of growth. So in the end I feel satisfied that I did show up that day. I made a step further in the direction I want to go to.