My dear friend Usha Kanagasabai pushed me to finally start with this solo that I planned with my project with Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie. And to no longer wait for whatever reason. I gave myself one month to do research about my subject and yesterday was the end of this agreed month. We both sat down and discussed which results came out of my research. It was very helpful to speak with her. I had to put my findings into words. It was clarifying to explain what I actually encountered, what I analyzed and to discuss what I needed to continue? It helps to debate this and rethink all the information that is gained. She helped me to think further into this process, which pointers I had to keep in mind and which questions could help me along the way. 

So today was the first day in the studio at Nowhere. I had from 11.00-14.00 to explore with movement. I stayed in the studio till 13.00. Different movement-concepts came up during this exploration. I filmed everything so I could watch afterwards to get an understanding of how the movements/stories looked that I tried and to questions myself.
– What do these movements say?
– What feeling do I get when I watch this?
– What can I add or change?
I made notes for myself and cut particular clips so I have some ideas of which I can continue next time when I am in the studio.

To end this blog I will share some small snippets of today’s session. If you are curious to read more about my second day in the studio, you can click here. I also wrote a blog about the topic that fuels the inspiration for making this solo piece.