Today was the second day in the studio to work on my solo. Since the last time I was at Nowhere, I did not have the time to continue this work outside of the studio. So today I entered the space without any further preparation. 

Working with Shailesh Bahoran, who has been my first teacher within popping and has inspired me in his steps as a choreographer, I remembered that he is influenced by the music of movies. So to challenge and inspire my movement in a different way, I had put on some music of the composer Danny Elfman. I did not feel like structuring the session in a certain way. So I just followed wherever the movement and music took me, without any specific intention or trying to manipulate it. Following my flow, leaving out any judgement, feeling it evolve and opening up for the ideas that came to mind while moving.

Whenever I felt I was forcing or trying to manipulate my movement I stopped dancing, stopped the camera and wrote down the experience that I had while moving. After this, I started again. Waiting for something new to present itself.

After doing this for an hour I felt the need to continue building on some of the movement concepts I tried last Wednesday’s session. Exploring them again with the insights I had after watching myself in the clips I had cut out.

Here some snippets of today’s rehearsal. Read more about my third day in the studio here. I also wrote a blog about the topic that fuels the inspiration for making this solo piece.