Yesterday evening I sat down at my living room table to prepare myself for today’s session. After the last 2 rehearsals (Wednesday and Monday), I wrote down some notes that were connected to different movements / stories. These notes felt like the right starting point for today. So yesterday I started to reread them and made small blocks of those movement concepts that, in my mind, seemed to fit. 

I did not want music that was too compelling, so I danced to different ambient sounds from Apex Twins. Every time after dancing I stopped the camera and looked back at just recorded footage. Analyzing it for myself;
– Does it portray what I am trying to tell?
– What feeling does it give me when watching? 
– What can I add to get closer to the vibe I am trying to create?

I wrote down my notes and then retried it. I continued this loop a few times till I felt a certain amount of satisfaction and continued to the next block. I made a few blocks today from which I can continue the next time when I am in the studio 

some snippets of today’s rehearsal.  Read more about my fourth day in the studio here. I also wrote a blog about the topic that fuels the inspiration for making this solo piece.