Since last November we, Illusionary Rockaz Company, have our own dance studio and office in our beloved hometown Utrecht. After being together for almost 25 years, we finally did it! It feels incredible to be able to practice in a place that we can call our home. Being here, celebrating our, and my very own, new steps is pretty extraordinary.

Last week I finally continued the journey of working on my solo by being in the studio. Just by myself, no distractions allowed. I have many ideas and I can get stuck in this thinking process, but eventually it has to be translated into movement. Into a tangible story that I can share with others. I could extent this step into the studio even longer if I wanted to. Because, to be honest, such a big studio felt a bit like an intimidating space to be in. All by myself, deciphering a way of creating my own work where I will expose a vulnerable side of myself. But eventually it felt satisfying. Diving into movement, my own feeling, my own story.

As a first step I wanted to explore different movement qualities. Examine how they feel, and what it tells me when I watch them back afterwards. Here are some snippets of my first day in the studio

see more snippets of my second day in the studio