It has been 2 months since I heard that I received the subsidy of Urban Arts Talent Trajectory of Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie. This subsidy gives me the support to develop myself further in this art that I hold dearly.

From now on I want to try to give a weekly update to share where I am at in this process. But first I want to give a ‘short’ introduction of my plan.

  • Research the subject: authenticity.
    What is authenticity and how does it connect with the subject passion? What does it mean for my teachings (both methods as being a teacher)? And what does it mean for my movement and work as a choreographer?
  • To research popping
    To understand the culture that I adopted. Which traditions do I have to honor, what is the history, what are the esthetics and which elements are important? What is the relationship between the music and the dance? And many more questions that I can dig into.

I want to do research into this, so I can be more profound in my teachings, to be both respectful to the pioneers and to my students. To help building the community and to strengthen my responsibility as a mentor.

To be able to truly understand what I am doing. So that I can nurture myself and others in the development of movement. To cultivate my signature and to understand how I can make the translation to theater, in a way that I can share a more complete vision of who I am.

In this project I am honored to work together with

Nowhere (Jorien Waanders) who gave me the opportunity to do this research under their roof. Being able to receive coaching in my process, giving me a place to do research and to build.

Sharon de Lanoi, he is my coach in communication and branding. Helping me how to work towards my goals, and how to put my research into structure

Rashaad Pearson and Ryan Webb from Urban Artistry.Helping me to connect the dots,  sharing their knowledge about the culture and coaching me in my artistry.

Shailesh Bahoran my Illusionary Rockaz Company brother, who will coach me in my solo in the end of the year.  Helping me in the process of putting all the knowledge into a solo piece and guiding me to build a dramaturgical line in this work.

In the summer I will go to the United States for 2 months to be able to learn from the sources, and to respectfully share with them what they have sparked in my life with what they have started.

Excited and honored to have this opportunity!