I love to do research; to read, to watch documentaries and to talk about those subjects. I actually just love to acquire knowledge, but my problem is storing the information that is gained. I noticed that I had troubles with this when I studied in high school. My solution to this problem has been by writing down all the important details. Making my own recap with information that I think is of any importance. This leaves me with lots of different notes stored on my computer, in notebooks, on blank sheets. All waiting there just in case I want to re inform myself.

In this project, while I am doing my research, I felt that I had to make a change in this way of working. Otherwise a lot of valuable information would get lost in one of my familiar saving methods. With my traditional notes relying to much on text, I am helping my brain to better comprehend the data that I have required in my research by making it visual. This helps me to better digest all this information, giving me new insights and it helps me to guide my research into further directions.

You can find more about this method if you search for mind mapping

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