During my research* I am making a mind map* about authenticity. So I can understand its definition better and see which key point are involved. By building this into a framework, it gives me the opportunity to test its potential in my quest to get to know myself better. Which will eventually reflect in my performance, choreography and teachings in the arts.

The mind map pointed me into the direction of researching more about the role of both the conscious and the subconscious mind. By doing this it gave me some insights that I think are valuable knowledge for growth. For instance that the consciousness has the advantage of following strict rules and is therefore very precise. Its critical character can benefit you when making decisions. However the capacity is quit low and can do mostly one thing at the same time. Than there is the subconscious mind. Which has a huge capacity and can process multiple things at the same time. It can been seen as a repository of ideas, feelings, images and experiences outside our conscious awareness.

By understanding more about their abilities I can put them to work in my advantage. For example during a creative process.
– Gather information: by reading, going to a specific museum, talking etc. both a conscious as an subconscious process
– Incubation: the subconscious mind is processing all this information. (its my job to be patience and to trust) subconscious process
– Translate: using your consciousness in giving words to whatever idea ascended from the subconscious mind. conscious process

Understanding this, gives me the confidence to both use it consciously as to trust those processes more. And to make sure that there is space for my consciousness to be capable of receiving those illumination ideas that can improve my artistry. For example by meditating, writing, walking in the forrest, or dancing. Which activities help you to clear space?

Here you can read more about my research and the mind map that I am referring to in this article