In my last Skype session I spoke to Rashaad (who is one of my coaches in this research) about mentorship. To better understand the meaning of it and also to observe which pillars he was referring to and why. So I could apply those to reflect on my own life, to uncover a better understanding of myself. This knowledge would also make me more conscious of what roles some important persons occupy in my life and how this has helped me in my growth. By comprehending and using these qualities that they have transferred to me, it can addition in helping me to better execute my passion.

One of the first persons that came to mind is my mother. I wanted to sit down and think about her characteristics which have been of great value in my life.

  • I am grateful for her unconditional support but particularly in the manner how she supported me. The conversations we had, were not over when we left the table. She was still evaluating on what we discussed and later on, that same day or week or month, she would send me information (like a website, a video, a book etc). To deepen my knowledge about the specific subject so I could go further in my quest. She taught me about the meaning of support, to think along with others and how important it is to share (your) knowledge.
  • Even though our communication was not always at its best, which is completely understandable because I was a tedious teenager, she thought me a lot about communication. Specifically by putting yourself in the position to really listen to someone else and how to fuel this conversation. By providing this for me she taught me how to create a space where one feels heard and comfortable to speak.

The philosophy that my mother taught me is not something that she specifically told me, but something I have seen her doing her whole life. And that is to believe in your vision and work hard for it. To keep on building on your legacy.

My history clarifies the woman that I am today. It demonstrates my foundation from which I can build. Thank you mama, I am dearly grateful for the building blocks you have given me

The other person that came to mind, concerning this subject, is my father. I wrote a post about how also his being has been of great value to my life.